Game Information
Game Name TwoFoxes
Nickname(s) Fox
Race Cimmerian
Class Conquerer
Guild Harlots of the Pirate Isles
Height 5'4"
Weight 130
Gender Female
Hair Platinum Blond
Eyes Golden
Age 20


2Foxes is a tiny compact woman compared to most other Cimmerian Females. Standing at only 5'4 she is at a height most suited to girls of a younger teen age then her. But this self same compactness is what garners many northern mens attention. Especially when they are seeking a bedmate. Fox has mid length platinum hair, that has tied back with several braids. Giving her a clean look. Aside from her large breasts, her most distinguishing feature are her golden eyes. Fox like. Mischevious even. They are said to look straight through a person. Her eyes are at once her best feature. And to some, her most creepiest. Many said that these 'bedroom eyes' are what brought the men to her.


2Foxes has a quiet personality. Something unique for most Cimmerian people. She rarely boasts, even drunk. It isn't because she is antisocial, but more because she simply doesn't have much to say, and is loath to fill up silence with idiotic small talk. She is unusually compassionate but has a tendacy to fall back onto the gruff Cimmerian nature.

2Foxes doesn't hate men really, she just thinks their idiots. No matter how intelligent they may seem. All men fall to thier stupid natures. As such she simply uses them for their money, but gives them excellent if not extreme service for thier coin.

In truth 2Foxes prefers the company and the Love of other women. And tend to be in thier presence as much as possible. She hides the fact she is lonely for company, by her silent nature.

She has a definite bloodthirstiness about her. Her sword leaves it's sheath sometimes faster then it takes to say..'I', it is either because she doesn't care, or she has nothing really left in the world to live for. So hopes to find a enemy who is able to take her down.


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