Celebriän Isilrá
Game Information
Game Name Celebrian
Nickname(s) Cel
Race Cimmerian
Class Ranger
Professions Still Deciding
Height Taller than your average woman, yet still petite.
Weight Slender yet muscular, but she still keeps her feminine qualities very well.
Build Muscular for a woman, very in shape.
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Deep Blue
Age Mid 20s
Alignment Chaotic Good


Celebriän is a tall young lady with a beautiful white complexion. It almost looks as if she had spent most of her life indoors, not allowing the bright sun of Cimmeria to damage her skin. At first glance, Celebriän Isilrá looks like she is a very petite and well shaped woman. Looking at her closer you notice that she is indeed well shaped, but not like a normal woman. She has a very athletic structure. More muscle than a lot of women have.

Celebriän Isilrá has deep dark blue eyes, beautiful blonde straight hair which goes down a bit past her neck, accompanied by some strands of hair hanging down the side of her face, giving her a very seductive look. Her eyes are already piercing, making most men do her every will. She is a gorgeous woman, and she knows it, as she looks quite confident.


Celebriän Isilrá is a very perky and energetic woman. You will never see her without a smile on her pretty face. She loves to tease young men, and she has made it a bit of a past time for herself.

Aside from that, you will usually see her with friends finding some sort of trouble to get into.


Not much is known of the woman's past.