Game Information
Game Name Debutina
Race Aquilonian
Class Priest of Mitra
Professions Missionary, Tutor, Bar Maid, Harlot
Height 5'8" (173cm)
Weight 102 lbs (42 kg)
Build Petite
Gender Female
Hair Platinum
Eyes Blue
Age 18
Alignment Chaotic Good


Debutina’s platinum blonde hair are kept in maiden braids, which contribute to her overall young appearance. She is a petite woman, with sharp features that suggest a Aquilonian noble lineage. After ten years living among Picts her body is tanned, and lean.

Her beauty has saved her life at least twice, as she was the sole survivor and trophy in the aftermath of two separate massacres; first by the Picts on her mission, and then again by the Aquilonian military on the tribe which held her captive.


Alternatively priestly and savage, wholesome and debauched, Debuitna’s otherwise innocent demeanor has been shaped by her varied and extreme environments. Her dedication to Mitra is considered perverted by more traditional priests, some of whom refuse to acknowledge that she is priestess at all. Debutina is most at home with other women who, like her, have nowhere to truly call home.



Born into a Tarantia brothel to a young mother, Debutina spent her childhood as a house mascot and begging in the marketplace. At age eight Debutina was adopted by a Priest of Mitra following her mother’s murder by a customer of the brothel. She was taken from the city to a small mission in the Pictish Wilderness.

Raised by Mitran missionaries among the converted Picts, Debutina learned several of their languages and felt comfortable dressing and adorning herself as a Pict child would. For this reason, she was frequently used as a translator, and accompanied several missions deep into the bush making first contact with dozens of new tribes.


At age thirteen her mission was massacred and burned and she was taken captive by the Dog tribe, who prized her for her platinum hair. Four years later she was captured yet again during a raid by Aquilionian troops, who sold her to a slaver on the Black River. On the boat ride to Kordava, Debutina befriended a woman who had worked with her mother, and was able to describe her killer, albeit only in his most intimate areas.

Debutina escaped slavery after shipwrecking in the Barachan Isles. Wanting only to flee Tortage and return to Aquilonia to visit her mother’s grave, Debutina became a young woman posessed; slaughtering Picts with the same powers of Mitra that she once used for missionary conversion.


Making a solemn promise to track down and crucify her mother’s murderer, Mitra has intervened in fate to allow Debutina passage back to Tarantia from the misery of Tortage. At eighteen, she patrols the pubs and inns of Hyboria, flirting with strange men, laying in wait to identify and take revenge on her mother’s killer.