Deuret Murdac
Game Information
Game Name Durt
Nickname(s) Durt
Race Aquilonian
Class Assassin
Height 5'10"
Weight 210 lbs
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Eyes Light Blue
Age 52


Middle-Aged man with shoulder length greying (previously Blond) hair. He usually wears a hanging mustache. Although seems Aquilonian, upon closer inspection you may notice some foreign features not common to the area.


His mannerisms seem to indicate he is the salt of the earth, some noble upbringing, with a dash of humility. He is a hard one to read. Most of the time he is quiet, taking in his surroundings with watchful eyes. He is fiercely Loyal to those he aligns himself with and unmerciful to anyone that crosses him or his allies.


He speaks little of his past; and unless it comes from him, little is known. It is said he was part of an elite underground cult of assassins. He broke the rules. No one knows for sure what he did, but the cult leader declared that he and his family were to be executed on sight. He returned home to find his family dead, except for his son (then age 12). After placing his son on a ship, he turned his attention to vengeance. Since then he has not seen his son but knows that he was last seen leaving Tortage on a ship to Aquilonia. As the years have past he dreams only of reuniting with him son, but has yet to track him down. A middle aged man now, wise beyond his years, and an anger welled up inside...... waiting.... patiently waiting....