Genki 1
Game Information
Game Name Genki
Race Stygian
Class Herald of Xotli
Height 6'1"
Weight 195
Build Large, Musclar
Gender Male
Hair none
Eyes red
Age 27
Alignment Chaotic Neutral


Genki is a tall, muscular, light skinned Stygian man. He is bald with red eyes that burn red with the power of Xotli. The skin on his face and body is charred black with burned tattoos left by his dealing with his demon-god master, marks he wears with pride. Genki wears no armour, just light cloth and carries a massive two handed sword with which to do his masters bidding... end life. Genki carries himself high with an air of obvious confidence that many come to respect after first meeting him.


Genki is a proud and confident man. He is relatively easy going with friends and companions though he can be quick to anger when provoked and will strike down any that disrespect him or stand in the way of his goals. Genki has forsaken the weak gods of Hyboria believing his master... Xotli to be the one true power. He looks down upon the priest and servants of these lesser Gods and although he is tolerant of them he despises to be preached to about the weakness of their powers.

Genki is confident in the power and protection his master gives him in return for his service. He does not back down from any fight or challenge, instead facing them head on with his mighty flaming sword in hand.

Genki's lust for beautiful women of all races and pleasures of all kinds almost rivals his lust for fire, death and doing Xotli's bidding.

Genki 2


Genki was born in Khemi, Stygia. Both his parents were "taken" to Set shortly after his birth and he went to a local orphanage where he spent his childhood. After many of his friends growing up were "taken" by their god Genki began to wonder why such a higher being would destroy rather than reward his faithful servants. In his late teens Genki left Khemi in search of the truth and meaning behind Set's work. During his travels he met a Herald of Xotli and learned of the Demon-God's power and how he rewards his servants. Genki was enthralled and worked to become a herald himself. He became one of the more enthusiastic servants and did Xotli's bidding without question or fail.

Seeing Genki's growing power and how he had forsaken him Set ordered his priests to capture Genki, he was to receive the Mark of Acheron to become a mindless slave in Thoth-Amon growing army. After his slave ship crashed and the Acheronean spirit left his body Genki was freed of his bonds. Although free, Genki has no memory of his former life and wonders Hyboria in search of who he once was. One thing he does know, the power of fire and destruction is inside him and he loves it.


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