Hour of the Dragon
Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus PvE
Size 27 so far. I'd like to keep this medium sized under 60 members.
Contacts Gwendolyn, Spyda, Baus, Zorvad
City Purple Lotus Swamp. The Tier 1 city is up. We're just working on the walls.
Ventrilo yes ask in game for details
Time Zone EST
Website I am in the process of putting up a phpBB.

Our guild is about quality players. It is not having the biggest guild or building our city the fastest. We plan on end game raiding and end game pvping. With the caps of 24 and 48 the idea of having half the guild be unable to participate on these activities doens't appeal to us. We're made up of adults with families and/or jobs. This means we realize you will not be online 24/7 and you have outside commitments. We've all been gaming for years and know what a time sink MMOs can be. We want to balance the end game content with remembering what our spouses look like.

This guild is a close knit collecting of people to relax and game together. We're always on the lookout for like minded players. Our guild accepts new members on a two week trial basis. Come on in and try us out. See how it fits and inside of two weeks if you don't think it's going to work out or we're not the guild for you. Thanks for stopping by and good luck in game. Same goes for us. After the two weeks are up if you are still around we own your soul. OK maybe not your soul but please talk with an officer about why you are leaving so we can make this a better guild in the future.