Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus PvE
  2nd Focus PvP
Size 150+ Unique Members
Guild Master Aeon
Contacts Aeon, Callan, Quiltar
City Full T1 and on (Potain Instance 1)
Teamspeak No
Ventrilo Yes
Time Zone All

Basic InformationEdit

Jericho is full of adults ranging from 18-63 years of age. We have roughly 100-150 unique members and have been together for nearly two years in previous MMO's. We also are a part of a gaming community that the leadership of Jericho also runs which gives our members future games to go into with the same crew. We accept only those above 18 years of age and are at limited recruitment.

Visit , register , then submit an application if you are interested. We are End-game bound, PvE/PvP oriented - RP Friendly

-Mission Statement- "And from our shoulders this empire be built, our armies will grow with blood to be spilt. For we will strive to conquer all that we see and control this realm to roam as we please. They will hear our drums and they will hear our cries, to stand against an empire built before their time. Smirk at your foes as they attempt to compete, Jericho will not be stopped and will not meet defeat!" -Aeon of Jericho

-Guild Video-