Julissa Grey
Game Information
Game Name Julissa
Nickname(s) Swordmaiden, Harlot, Wench.
Race Aquilonian
Class Conquerer
Guild Harlots of the Pirate Isles
Height 5'6"
Weight 140lbs
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Ice Blue
Age Twenties

Julissa is a pretty thing, pretty and deadly.

She carries herself with an easy and assured grace, her dancer-lithe, delicate looking body hiding a deadly, steel-like strength just beneath each movement. Julissa takes no attitude from anyone, be they beggar or prince, her tongue can snap with the venom of a viper just moments before purring soft, honey-coated words and her pretty Aquilonian features seem equally fitting for the most lewd of harlots and the most noble of Ladies. Her long, smooth hair is usually held back in a tight, high ponytail, practical and utilitarian, but even so restrained it shimmers like silk whenever it catches the dim lights she prefers to be amongst. Ever watching for opportunity, Julissa came to the Barachan Isles seeking that ever-powerful lure on all men's hearts, gold, and since the blockade imposed by Strom, the Tyrant of Tortage, she found plentiful work in smuggling and other more physical pursuits. More than that, she seems too tight-lipped to reveal to any but her closest companions.

Since the lifting of the blockade on Tortage, Julissa has been known to wander from the lush grass of Poltain to the harsh northern lands of the Cimmerian tribes in search of her future. The Vanir, Zingaran and Nemedian blood that has graced her deadly blade is always washed aside as easily as her compassion for those that defy her self-driven destiny, and only add heat to the forging of the legend and fortune that she single-mindedly strives towards.

Unafraid of engaging in the most base of tasks for the jingle of coin, Julissa is a reliable, beautiful and talented ally to have at one's side, regardless of the occasion or the cause behind her loyalty.