Kaylia Y'sault
Game Information
Game Name Kaylia
Race Stygian
Class Tempest of Set
Guild none
Height 5'8"
Weight 145
Build medium
Gender female
Hair dark brown
Eyes amber
Age 23



Her somewhat gaunt facial features belie the power in her body. Smooth, golden skin shows no visible marks past her armor. Piercing amber eyes are framed with carefully applied kohl make up of the common style and delicately arched brows.

She is medium height and medium build.


Kaylia is a quiet woman with a temper that rises like storm clouds when her ire is finally aroused. Tolerant of most religions and peoples, she serves Set in her own way. She does not speak much of religion, and finds herself just as comfortable with the followers of Mitra as with the Servants of the Snake. Woe to those who mistake her tolerance for foolishness.

She bears a soft spot in her heart for the elderly, considering herself their champion.

She does not remember, but suspects that a drunken night of revelry landed her in the galley of the slave ship. She used to find solace in a bottle of good ale or wine, but, since her adventures on Tortage, she will only drink with those she trusts.


Her father, a wealthy merchant in the noble district of Khemi could buy anything his heart desired, except love. He could, however, buy the illusion of love and did so on a regular basis. Twenty-three years ago, one such transaction brought forth a daughter.

Her mother, a harlot with a sharp mind and sensual body, shared the pillows many times with the wealthy merchant. Upon finding herself with child, she ushered together her considerable funds and left Khemi to pay an extended visit to her sister. The sister, the widow of a city guard, welcomed the harlot, and indeed took custody of the daughter upon birth.

When Kaylia reached adulthood, she went to Khemi to live and work in the brothel of her mother. She and her mother addressed each other by their given names and none suspected that they were related. Not quite one for the trade of love, Kaylia was more of a guard or bouncer. She was good at convincing the unruly that it was indeed their own idea to leave the premises.

The mother returned to Khemi, frequently sending gifts of coin to her sister for the care of the daughter. The merchant has never learned of his daughter. The daughter has never been told the identity of her father.