Kesse the Red
Game Information
Game Name Kesse
Nickname(s) The Red
Race Cimmerian
Class Ranger
Guild 3305 Local
Height 5'11"
Weight 155
Build Athletic
Gender Female
Hair Red and wavy
Eyes Gray
Age 27
Alignment Neutral Good


Kesse is of average height and build for a Cimmerian woman and though not unattractive, she is nothing special to look at either. Her mop of red hair frames a too thin face with sharp gray eyes and an x-shaped scar on the forehead. Her expression is usually one of deep concentration.

She is always dressed in armor that allows her an easy and silent freedom of movement. Though nothing stylish, the clothing is well kept and mended. Her weapons are obviously of high quality.


She may appears to some as a melancholy woman. Rarely talking, she often quietly hums or whistles a tune while in the cities. Anyone who spends time with her will discover a determined and fiercely loyal individual. Though she may be slow to anger, she is quite willing to draw her blades and let her weapons speak for her.


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