Kythas Aldramida
Game Information
Game Name Kythas
Title(s) Master of the Shadarim
Nickname(s) None
Race Stygian
Class Assassin
Guild The Black Sun
Professions None
Height 5 ft., 10 in.
Weight 247 lbs.
Build Thin & Muscular
Gender Male
Hair Curled
Eyes Brown
Age 26
Alignment Lawful Evil


Although a ruthless killer and murderer by any standard, Kythas lives his life by a unique set of moral codes he has laid out before himself. Championing honor and trust above all else, he never breaks his contractual obligations or his word to friend or employer. He believes the foundation of true power must be based not on fear or compelled obedience, but by devotion and trust- to do otherwise merely forges a cracked foundation which will ultimately crumble. To this end, Kythas is a charming, calm, and civil man who is slow to anger and often seeks to compromise in order to gain valuable allies to further his lust for political power. He is not, however, completely without caution. When his own trust is betrayed, he will go to any length to ensure that those foolish enough to cross him are made into a bloody example for all to see. Even those that betray their former affiliations to join him will find nothing but cold death awaiting them in Kythas’ hands. To him, once someone becomes a traitor, they are forever tainted as traitor.


Orphaned in Tortage during the occupation of Red Hand soldiers led by the tyrant Strom, Kythas came from a merchant background which he shared with his parents prior to their deaths at the hands of pirate vagabonds. With their death also came the death of an old lifestyle, and Kythas adapted by becoming a common street thug in order to provide for himself. As time went on in Tortage, he took to a life on the streets during the night in particular, discovering a latent talent for sneaking around in the shadows unseen and preying on those foolish enough to wander about alone in the dark. Eventually he was able to bargain passage out of Tortage on a Stygian naval vessel on the grounds of shared heritage, and now lives and works back in his homeland.

Current Character DevelopmentsEdit

Kythas has recently become a member of the Black Sun, an organization dedicated to the destruction of all oppression against the working classes, be they nobility or otherwise. He serves the Black Sun by leading the Shadarim, a specialized sect within the organization which handles spying, subterfuge, sabotage, and other distasteful work in addition to diplomatic affairs. He is also the guardian and teacher for a very young woman he met in Tortage by the name of Merryl, a runaway noble who thirsts for a greater destiny than a pampered lifestyle.


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