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What Is This?

Wiccana is North American PvE server in Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, and an unofficial RP-PvE server. This wiki's goal is to store roleplay information regarding characters and locations; guilds; display art and stories created by the server's community members; act as an information hub for the community; and maintain an unbiased and fair environment for the server's community to display its accomplishments and creativity.

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Flowers of the Desert

Umm’s fevers grew better for a short time, but then again she fell deep into her sickness, and in them telling the last of her story. Umm had heard from more traveling merchants many years later that the man had sought forgiveness by the gods, had entered into the service of the Temple of Mitra, becoming a priest. Umm did not believe such evil could be forgiven so easily and she continued to stain her hair dark with the dyes until she was old enough for the pale hair to look naturally grayed. Every morning till her death, she insisted on putting the yellow tincture into her eyes to hide their color.


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07/11/08 - Contest Winners Announced!
The New Character/Story Page Contest is complete, and the winner is Kielle and Rielle! The creator, Chancy will get a 60-day timecard for AoC. The runner-up page is Voracia McKree! Wyxt will receive a t-shirt bearing the Wiccana Wiki's logo.
A thanks to all that entered, and all who have contributed to the wiki. Keep your eyes on the site for weekly features and contests!
07/04/08 - Guild Listing Update
The guild page template has been updated. Pages now allow for "themes" to be listed (raiding, mercenaries, pirates, adult, or whatever else) in the main information box. All new pages will have this listed as an option to fill out. All old pages can add a theme to their infobox by adding "|theme=" to the page's list of basic information.


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  • All content must be related to the Wiccana server and the associated roleplaying community.
  • Articles or edits that are considered libelous or defamatory, or could be argued as harassment or vandalism shall be removed; offenders may be suspended or banned.
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