Game Information
Game Name Age of Conan
Title(s) Trollop
Nickname(s) Queeny
Race Stygian
Class Tempest of Set
Guild The Band of the Shifting Sands
Professions Gatherer of all things, Armoursmith
Height 5'1
Weight 124
Build Slender, and willowy.
Gender Female
Hair Dark purple top ponytail. Fringe is always in her eyes.
Eyes Dark brown.
Age 27
Alignment Chaotic Good


Melisande is very short. Her tanned skin glistens in the sun, her eyes, the color of a hawks, seem to stare right through you. Her make up is minimal, only the tailed eyeliner of her people.


Melisande is very understanding and like to do good whenever possible. Of course, her definition of good, sometimes needs to be explained.


Remembers almost nothing previously to her capture aboard the slave ship. She does sometimes remember the caresses of men and women, as a Priestess of Derketo.