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07/04/08 - Guild Listing Update
The guild page template has been updated. Pages now allow for "themes" to be listed (raiding, mercenaries, pirates, adult, or whatever else) in the main information box. All new pages will have this listed as an option to fill out. All old pages can add a theme to their infobox by adding "|theme=" to the page's list of basic information.
06/21/08 - New Character/Story Page Contest
The Wiccana Server Wiki will be hosting a contest for creating new pages. From now until 11:59 PM EST, July 5, all new character and story pages on the server wiki will be entered into the contest. An impartial off-server group of judges will pick what they consider to be the winner. The prize, which goes to the primary contributor on the winning page, is a two month timecard for Age of Conan. The runner-up will receive a t-shirt bearing the beautiful Wiccana Wiki's logo. The page will also get the week's Weekly Feature on the front page of the wiki, and the Weekly Spotlight Award, a golden crest of Conan, on the article. Pages will be judged using the Weekly Feature criteria.
06/11/08 - Main Page Layout Change in Anticipation of Wikia Skin Change
Wikia is changing the monaco skin that is currently used on all of the Conan Network wikis. This change will be implemented in less than a week, on June 17th. For more information, to see what the new skin will look like when implemented, or to let Wikia know what you think of the change, see this article on Wikia Central.
06/04/08 - Guild Page Template Update
The guild and group template has been heavily updated, providing fields for guild cities, Vent and TS, timezones, and--finally--the ability to easily declare if your guild focuses on more than one thing (PvP and PvE and Roleplay can be in any combination). Update your guild's page or make a new one today with these new features!
05/16/08 - Welcome to the Wiccana Server Wiki!
Welcome to the new wiki! Visit Help:Stories or Help:Player Character Pages to learn how you can add basic content to the Wiccana Wiki. Or visit the Things to Do List to see how you can help out with community pages.