Tahmores Le'Croix
Photo: Tahmoresaoc
Race: Aquilonian
Class: Dark Templar
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 6'8"
Hair: Sable
Eyes: Bright Blue


Her presence in the room brings many eyes; the air about her is potent with energy. She stands not only with power, but with elegance. She embodies that of nobility and a warrior. Her form is tall, intimidating to those around her. She does not overly bulge with muscles, but they are large enough for those to notice, if she is not clad completely in armour. Ebon tresses are as dark as a starless night, always pulled into a knot at her neck, rarely ever seen down. Upon her forehead is a tattoo that swirls slightly from her hairline. Eyes are as blue and bright as a cloudless sky, and are slanted slightly upwards to give her appearance an exotic look. Her face is chiseled with high cheekbones, curved nose and full lips. Her body seems more fit for a harlot than for a warrior; large bosom and taut stomach hugged by armour, dipping down into curvaceous hips and end in long slender but powerful legs. Closer inspection will reveal that muscles ripple under her milky white skin, but none ever get too close to do so.


Seemingly anti-social, Tahmores keeps to her self and stays away from others. A stern look is always pulled onto her facade, and she reflects an air of not being friendly. Those who get close to her will find out that not only is she quiet, but only because she cannot speak well. She likes to listen more than talk.


Not much is known about her history, but as time goes on, her tapestry will be woven.