The Timeless
Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus PvE
Size 20
Guild Master Zhadara
Contacts Zhadara, Talous, Skyoric, Tobias

The Story of The TimelessEdit

"Well," said the council Elder, "there is a legend..."

"What legend?" replied his grim-faced counterpart.

The first seemed reticent to proceed through the silence of the cold night. "'s...a legend...old even in the time of my grandsire. You don't really hear of it anymore."

"By Crom! Must I pull words out of your mouth with my smith tongs? Out with it you idiot! Our neighbors die or are sold into slavery. Women of our clan are taken as camp whores and diggers of latrines! And we're out of ideas and weapons. If it's a stupid legend then just say so -- but if there's something in it, let's hear it now!"

"I think it's called the legend of...The Timeless," said the first in a whisper.

"What the hell are The Timeless, then? Some kind of ghosts? And what the hell good are they, ancient? I think you're growing senile at last," he hrumphed.

The first Elder seemed to reach back into his distant childhood...grasping at single threads of his grandsire's voice...unraveling...breaking as he sought to pull them closer...

"Remember your lifetime...a day will come...they will need to be summoned...The Timeless...sands from Khopshef...leaves of the purple lotus...the top of Mitra's Ladder..."

It was coming back to him and he sprang up with a new confidence. "Come! We must see if we have all the necessary components. Then there will be a long climb up Mitra's ladder to a long forgotten shrine. Let's hope they will hear us. Let's hope there is still...time."

Purposefully, he strode towards his cottage as his counterpart struggled to keep up. "I hope there's something to this nonsense," he muttered to himself. "Timeless indeed. Desperate we are, that's the meat of it."

Across the limitless void, a call is heard in all places and all times at once. It is heard only by a rare few. An eternal group of dedicated individuals who have fought for the concepts of honor, virtue, mercy and love throughout the ages and across the universes...throughout all of time in fact.

As Heroes and Heroines of lore, The Timeless are infinitely reborn and appear whenever and wherever some need is foreseen for them. They have been summoned to war with Orcs and wizards...with demons and dragons of fearful might...with societies as inhuman as the Virindi...and even with alien creatures in far distant futures.

They have fought, and they have loved, and they have hated, and they have died in places too numerous to recount.

They remember all of it.

They have been called to Hyboria.