Game Information
Game Name Xephereth
Nickname(s) Xeph
Race Stygian
Class Herald of Xotli
Guild The Devoted
Professions Architecture
Height Short
Weight Light
Build Slender
Gender Male
Hair Bald
Eyes Copper
Age Apparently early 30s
Alignment Lawful Evil


A handsome, fine and ageless face and a flawless body, meticulously kept so. Piercing eyes and a self-confident stance that makes up for his height. His skin has a more yellow tint than that of a Stygian, and is soft and unscarred. Only some black permanent bodypainting on his torso interrupts its hue.


Although he is a man of secrets, he enjoys the simple pleasures of drink, food and laughter like any ordinary man, and not rarely can he be found in the company of one or more scantily dressed women or handsome young men. Polite to strangers and kind to those he drinks, feasts and lays with, Xephereth is all around pleasant company. Not frivolous, mind you. When not enjoying his worldly pleasures, he is focused and serious, and seems to be following a task that reigns his life. None so far could claim to know him better than a loose contact would, though, and he does have enemies that whisper rumors of monstrous cruelty behind the smile. And while he does not go around and advertises his allegiances, he does not make it a secret that he serves a different Master than the commonly known gods of Hyborea.


Only a very few facts are known about Xephereth and only to a few people, who will give them reluctantly when asked.
- he does not have a last name (the reason for which is most likely that 'Xephereth' is a fake name)
- he does not hail from Stygia, but somewhere further east
- he walks his dark path for many years already, most likely since his early youth
- he travels constantly and is searching for something, possibly a certain artifact, as he can often be found dealing with
traders on the black market for seemingly unidentifiable artifacts or pieces thereof
- his knowledge and power may mean that he is older than he lets on, or that he traded them in for a high price


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