Game Information
Game Name Zhadara
Title(s) Guildmistress
Race Aquilonian
Class Barbarian
Guild The Timeless
Height 5'11"
Weight 155
Build Lean, athletic
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Age 26
Alignment Chaotic Good


Zhadara hides her beauty behind an affected "tomboy" look. If she lived in the US today, she would likely wear a baseball cap pulled down over her eyes, with her ponytail sticking out the back. Nonetheless, closer examination reveals that hidden beneath her bangs and the blue eye catchers is a woman of exceptional beauty.


She is blunt and generally aggressive for a female. Anyone encountering her in a tavern would say "she's just like one of the boys" if asked to describe her. Quick to anger, she is a master of bladed weapons and prefers to use two swords at a time. Deep down, she is somewhat insecure about her position leading The Timeless in this world and so attempts to over-compensate by leading the way when danger is near.


(Please see our guild pages at The Timeless for details on the premise behind this organization -- Zhadara cannot be understood outside of this context because she is a Hyborian whose body is possessed by an epic hero.)

Zhadara's personal history is one of precocious ability with blades that led her to study fighting under an exiled Cimmerian who lived in Old Tarantia's poor district. Under his tutelage, she learned the aggressive Barbarian style of fighting in light leather armor with two weapons. Using this style, she relies heavily on her quickness and balance to evade enemy blows while spinning and whirling her swords to deadly effect. However, Zhadara's original personality as a poor district street urchin has been subdued by the possessing hero from The Timeless so that little more than her feral instincts remain.

Zhadara's current story, updated regularly, may be found here: Zhadara Lives